Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding fun!

A popular idea these days seems to be a photo booth at a wedding! Why not!? Remember the evening and have lots of fun with your friends and family! A company locally here called Shutterbug did an awesome job at a wedding we attended recently! Look at all the fun we had!!

Price List Updated!!

Due to popular demand, some changes and corrections have been made... But don't worry you're still getting the same amazing desserts for the same great value! Click on the image or click on our Ordering Page to download the updated prices!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Serious Monkey Business!

One of our clients is celebrating their daughter's birthday. In honour of their theme, we did up some super cute monkey cookies! They are decorate with a combination of royal icing and fondant! They will make the best favours! The kids will be going bananas for more!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Goodie 2 Choose Photo Albums!

Check out our albums that feature all of our creations, past and present! Click on the links to go to individual albums for our special desserts, cakes and cookies!

Congrats to Philip and Andrea!

Congrats to the newly wed couple! The wedding was very beautiful and the bride even more so! May God richly bless them as they grow together in Him! We wish them the best time on their honeymoon!

Here is a cake that we did for their dessert table, it was not their wedding cake (although their cake was absolutely breath taking). It is a vanilla cake with a chocolate custard filling, covered in fondant with edible pearls and diamonds! Everyone loves a little bling bling!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes!!

We've been baking up a storm this week and we're anxious to show you our most recent creations! This cake is fresh out of the oven! The top tier features a lemon cake filled with Swiss raspberry buttercream and the bottom tier, chocolate cake filled with decadent chocolate ganache. Of course it's decorated with our delicious homemade buttercream icing and fondant! Yum.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!!

Check out this commercial I did for Off the Wall Clothing, owned by the same company as West 49, there are none close to where we live, but you can find them all across Canada! You'll have to pay close attention to catch me!

And the Last Period Buzzer Sounds...

Personally I am a Detroit Red Wings fan, but here is a cake I created for a Toronto Maple Leafs fan! This is a vanilla cake with a cherry filling and decorated with our contemporary buttercream!

Wedding Season is upon Us!

The weather is great, the flowers are in bloom and love is in the air! Ahh, don't you just love weddings? (Perhaps not if you're the one getting married, so much planning and stress!) Well after all I do's are said and done, take a load off and bite into these dainty dessert sugar cookies. Not only are they breath taking, but they are made with the finest ingredients: sugar, spice and all things nice, not to mention edible pearls and diamonds! Ooo lala!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Don't Worry Be Happy!

Feeling blue, or down in the dumps? Just take a bite of our emticon cookies and turn that frown upside down! These cookies are decorated with homemade fondant and royal icing!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Flowery Expose!

Here is a coconut cake with a pineapple cream filling! It is covered with our contemporary buttercream and covered with homemade marshmallow fondant! The cake was then covered with beautiful silk flowers and marbleized with green luster dust! Everyone enjoyed it!

Bits and Bites

Lots of updates today! Finally downloading all our images of our recent creations! These are brownie bites decorated with chocolate buttercream and fondant flowers! Enjoy!

Double Chocolate Heaven!!

Yummy in your tummy! These dangerously, delicious, double chocolate cookies are to die for! Chewy chocolate dough with an generous amount of chocolate chips will just melt in your mouth! See for yourself! *Stay tuned as this yummy recipe will be posted soon!*