Saturday, April 23, 2011

Real Women of Philadelphia

Hello Dessert Lovers! Something new for a change, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Kraft Canada have teamed up to bring you the Real Women of Philadelphia contest! Where women can meet, exchange recipes and learn all over a mutual love - cream cheese! It is an eight week contest, featuring a new dish challenge each week. There are four grand prize winners that take home the big prize - a whopping $20 000!! Into the second week of competition, at home chefs have been asked to create an original side-dish incorporating the oh so versatile Philadelphia Cream Cheese!

I had so much fun with my entry, making my first 'How to' video and uploading it to YouTube. I brought out the big guns, making my very special, backyard BBQ favourite, Sweet and Spicy Macaroni and Cheese! It is definitely a new spin on an old classic and of course the cream cheese takes it to a whole new level! This dish is so creamy and smooth!

It's not a dessert, but you will be drooling I can guarantee! So enjoy my video, take in the cooking and not me. Ha! Let us know here at Goodies 2 Choose what you think - but no laughing!

Happy Viewing.