Desserts may be pretty, but the best part is eating them! No matter how gorgeous something may be, everyone is going to remember the taste - could be good or it could be bad... At Goodies 2 Choose, it will always be the former.

Delicious doesn't even being to describe the sensation your mouth feels when you savour your first bite! Not only does it taste great, but the texture is exquisite!

Everything is baked to perfection and decorated to the finest degree, to produce an excellently exquisite, edible design. Made fresh with no preservatives, sweeteners, or artificial flavours you can be sure of the freshest and finest product.

If you don't see the flavour you're looking for, feel free to email us - we'll be happy to find make a special order!

Cookie Flavours 

Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate Chip
Peanut butter

*Only the top three are suited for decorating*                                              

Cake Flavours

Rich Dark Chocolate
Chocolate & Vanilla Marble
Lemon & Limoncello
Butter Pecan
Red Velvet

Icing Flavours

Contemporary Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Whipped Chocolate Icing
Whipped Vanilla Icing
Italian Buttercream
Chocolate Ganache
Cream Cheese Icing
Royal Icing

*Fillings are available upon request.*