Friday, September 23, 2011

Real Women of Philadelphia Featured Post

This just in: THE BIG NEWS that was promised to you yesterday! Remember the video I entered into the Real Women of Philadelphia contest? If you don't, you can relive my embarrassment here (I look silly on camera). Well, Elise Copps-Smith, a host at Real Women of Philadelphia has been gracious enough to write a feature post about Goodies 2 Choose on their website and Internet community.

If you haven't heard about this online community - emphasis on the word community, you should check it out. Women are encouraging each other everyday, as they exchange life stories, helpful hints and recipes - all while they bond over a mutual love of cooking/baking and of course Philadelphia cream cheese.

I am so thankful for this opportunity, to share with more people something that I love to do!

If you are interested in reading the article click here or to read the full-length interview click here.