Monday, October 3, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond...

Okay, I know I started off with the wrong movie quote but Happy October goodies! October means fall, and fall means the weather changes and so do the leaves as they begin to fall. For me not only the weather is changing, there are also big changes happening in my life. This morning my fiance awoke early to embark on a new journey. He left to start a new chapter in his life (our life, when we get married), by moving out to eastern Canada.

It is a little sad but also exciting to think about moving to a different part of our beautiful nation. I am not looking forward to, however, the longer winters. As a parting gift I made some of Joel's favourite cookies so he would have something to munch on during his 21 hour drive. Joel, the thoughtful and generous guy that he is, shared the majority of his cookies with all his friends at work and family. I am really going to miss him and I look forward to Christmas time when we both will be home. Until then, I will have to ship him cookies and get well acquainted with Skype.

For Joel, I made Starwars and ninja cookies (although Joel didn't know what they were until I told him - he thought they were Pacman!). I don't usually make boy cookies - I tend to gravitate towards the girly cookie cutters, but I couldn't resist adding the Starwars ships to my collection. Joel was quite impressed when I was able to list off the names of the ships (thanks Google)! The robot wafer-paper cookies were made as a birthday gift a few months back.

Thanksgiving is only a week away, which means there is going to be a lot of baking with harvest spices! I am super excited! Aren't you?